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a Full Stack Developer based in San Francisco. My determination, outgoing nature, and imaginativeness make me a great engineer to have on your team. As a musician , I have always played in groups where everyone works towards a common good. Working on a team of developers is no different. If I’m not coding, I might be out with my wife for a walk in San Francisco or going to a concert. Tech stack includes React, Svelte, Node, Express, MongoDB, Firebase and PostgreSQL.




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a full stack developer

I have a passion for building things and solving problems. I love to learn and I am always looking for new opportunities to grow. I have a unique perspective that contributes to my approach to solving complex engineering problems. But, more importantly, I have grit and determination.


an excellent communicator

Communication is key. I believe in positive reinforcement, transparency and constructive communication. This helps develop effective and productive relationships in the work space. When colleagues have a good rapport, they want to get the job done. They want the team succeed because they like the team.


a musician

My journey into the world of software engineering did not follow a traditional path. I embarked on this transformation after having previously established myself as a musician, composer, recording engineer, and teacher. This artistic foundation has instilled in me the power of creativity, which enables me to envision innovative solutions to technical challenges.